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Admission Guidance

Knowing how difficult it can be to choose the best academic path among the numerous study abroad destinations, universities/colleges, and courses available, Cosmopolitan Study Consulting helps by offering step-by-step guidance in university/college application processes, thereby increasing the student's chances of being admitted to their preferred institution.

Assistance Travel

we understand the need to be well prepared in advance before travelling abroad for studies. We ensure and encourage students to make travel plans and bookings well in advance and identify the most cost effective routes. Our counsellors help to make sure that students are aware of all the steps from the time offers are received and up to their accommodation. We assist with flight and accommodation bookings to allow for ideal departure dates, routes and best discounts.

Student Visa Assistance

We support the student throughout the full visa procedure, including completing visa applications, gathering personal and financial documentation, and providing the necessary direction and preparation for mock interviews, with the help of Cosmopolitan Study Consulting counsellors.

Tourist Visa Application Assistance

Tourist or visitor visas are non-immigrant visas for those who wish to travel temporarily to another nation for a vacation or other purposes. To Nigerian citizens living in Nigeria, we provide assistance with tourist visas.


Booking of these tests are extremely competitive as there are few available test dates every month. It is therefore important that students book their tests well in advance. We help students register for these tests ensuring that they get suitable test dates and valuable test tips.

Academic Advising Services

Academic advising makes use of university resources and directs students to the right academic assistance programs. A successful academic experience is facilitated by the information shared between the student and adviser during this decision-making process, which encourages responsible and suitable decisions.

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